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Urea Dry Skin Relief Cream / Ultra Softening Cream: As the name suggests, these products are a wonderful treatment for those suffering from dry, cracked skin.Urea can help improve the look and feel of scaly or rough skin, as well as aid in the softening of nails.
CN-U Antifungal Nail Renewal Gel
CN-U Antifungal Nail Renewal Gel: Dealing with discolored nails due to a fungal infection? Look no further than this renewal gel! This product is used as a treatment for those looking to bring back the clear, healthy version of their toenails, and to treat their fungal nail.
OTC Insoles
OTC Insoles: These insoles require no prescription. They are used to help improve a patient’s overall daily comfort and stability. Simply slip them into your shoes and be on your way!
Tolcylen Foot Soak
Tolcylen Foot Soak: Looking for an easy, relaxing way to keep your feet clean and healthy? Try this foot soak treatment! Containing moisturizers, exfoliators, protectants, cleansers, essential oils, and salts, this foot soak will leave your feet feeling incredibly refreshed and clean, while giving you a spa-like experience.
Kurbil Muscle Cream - Pain Relief
Kurbil Muscle Cream - Pain Relief: Used as a temporary relief from muscle aches and joint inflammation, this pain cream can also moisturize your skin.
Clarus Antimicrobial Shoe Spray
Clarus Antimicrobial Shoe Spray: This shoe spray is perfect for those looking to reduce shoe odor, as well as help aid in killing bacteria and fungus.

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